"Healthy habits to last a lifetime."

Laura Chenault / Co-Chair & Head of Marketing / Philly Maker Faire

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Key Features


In this game, if you don't wash your hands the monkey won't escape the tree gnasher!


To reach the end of this advertisement, you must wash your hands!


In this example, 300 people entered the bathroom. 53% started washing their hands, but only 13% washed for 20 seconds!

Computer Museum of America

Experience HiGeneMonkey at The Computer Museum of America in Atlanta, GA. The museum has one of the world's largest collections of artifacts from the digital revolution!

Swarthmore Presbyterian Preschool

The children at SPNDS were in for a surprise after we installed HiGeneMonkey during their Christmas break. The school has been serving the children and families in Swarthmore and nearby communities for more than 60 years!